The Doctor's Secret

- Another version of the Tom Dooley Legend

© Jan Kronsell, 2019
Published by BoD, Copenhagen
ISBN: 9788771882483

I have researched the story of Tom Dooley since my visit to North Carolina in 2000, and is busy writing a book about the case, but for now I have written a novella about the case, primarily based on facs but also on legends, and with a bit of artistic license added. From the backcover I quote:

Who killed Laura Foster?

This question has been asked ever since 1866 when she was killed. Om May 1st 1968, a man known as Tom Dooley was hanged for the murder in Statesville in North Carolina.

Since the hanging many legends have been told about the case, and many of thise tell that Tom dooley was actually innocent,and that his jealous, married lover, committed the crime.

Books have been written about the case, songs have been sung, plays have been performed and even a movie was made, but the question will probably never be answered as 150 years have passed since the hanging and a copuple more since the killing.

This novella is just my suggestion of what may have happened in late May 1866 in western Wilkes County, North Carolina. Even if the novella is for large parts based on knwon and documentable facts, the solution to the riddle is pure fiction.

The book is available online and from bookstores. See below.



Jeg har forsket i Tom Dooley sagen siden et besøg i North Carolina i år 2000, og jeg er i gang med at skrive en bog om sagens fakta. Indtil videre er det dog "kun" blevet til denne korte roman om sagen. Den er primært baseret på de facts, jeg har fundet, men også på nogle af de legender, der fortælles om historien - og tilsat et par håndfulde kunstnerisk frihed. Bogen kan købes online og bestilles via boghandlere.

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