Historical Jesus?

Let me make it clear that these pages are by no means about religion as I'm not a religious person. I'm interested in history though and therefore in Jesus as a historic person - if he was a historic person that is, which I actually believe that he was.

Mosaic showing Christ. From Basilica of Sant'Apollinare Nuovo in Ravenna, Italy. (Source: commons.wikimedia.org).

Sometime in the seventies, I happened to come across a book by Danish author, Erik Nørgaard, "Jesus, The Partisan" which I found particularly interesting, although I did not agree with the author in all his points of view. In the early '80s Henry Lincoln, Richard Leigh, and Michael Baigent's book, The Holy Blood and The Holy Grail was published, which received no major attention at the time. However, the book got me studying the subject "Jesus" more closely. Initially, with the help of my local public library, by reading most of the references cited by the authors of the Holy Blood... Later, I have read several other books on the subject, and I have read both the Old Testament and the New Testament as well as several of the apocryphal writings several times since.

Back in the 80s, I started taking notes. I had an idea that I might even write a book on the subject Jesus. Not as a religious figure but as a historic man. For some reason, these notes went into oblivion until I found some of them again about 10 years ago during a cleanup in my study. At that time I began a "Jesus series" on my Danish page, and later supplied with new stuff from later research, and now I am translating these articles to English little by little. Some are attempts to interpret information in the New Testament in particular, while others are my own reflection on what took place over 2000 years ago in the area we now know as Palestine.

When I quote The Old and New Testament in the articles on my Danish page, I use the most recent translation of the Bible to Danish. On these English pages I use the online version from Biblica - The International Bible Society. Sometimes I also Quote the online version of King James' Bible Online. When referring to the the scripture I will use this notation, Matt 2.2 for Gospel of Matthew chapter 2 verse 2 and likewise for other parts of the Bible.

I am fully aware that it has been questioned if Jesus' even existed. Most scholars, however, agree that the Jesus figure in the New Testament is based on one (or more) real person, and so I assume in the articles that will eventually appear on this page.

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