YouTube videos from USA and Denmark

This is a series of videos in English or with no speak at all, from United States and from Denmark. They are all published on my YouTube Channel. For faster updates, subscribe to the channel.

From USA

Summertour 2019
The videos in this series was made in frustration over the covid-19 virus preventing my visit to western North Carolina in April 2020. and mosty likely the summer tour to Texas and the midwestern states as well.

Summer Tour 2019 - Part V
Summertour 2019 - Part IV
Summertour 2019 - Part III
Summer Tour 2019 - Part II
Summer Tour 2019 - Part I

Dashboard cam and other videos, commented or uncommented:
Pictures from my spring break in western North Carolina
Pictures from New York City - uncommented

An excursion to Nantahala Gorge on the Great Smoky Mountains Railroad
Why do I keep coming back to Western North Carolina?

A trip on Beaver Creek Road in Wilkes County, North Carolina
A trip through "Dooley-land"
A trip on The Longest Three Miles of Devil's Whip (NC Road 80)

From Denmark

My Country 0, Denmark, An Introduction
My Country 1: My hometown, Brøndby
My Country 2: Northern Jylland

My Country 3: Southern Jylland
My country 4: Fyn and surrounding islands

My country 5: Sjælland and surrounding islands
My country 6: Northern Sjælland and Copenhagen suburbs
My Country 7: Bornholm & Ertholmene
My country 8: Copenhagen
My country X: Faroe Islands and Greenland
My country: Facts
My country: Driving in Denmark

A new channel on YouTube, Glocal Explorer. (New 05-17-20)
So far with short videos from my own neighborhood, but videos from other places will come when the CoVid-19 travel band is no longer in place.

From other places

Pictures from Brussels (Bruxelles)