Ready, Steady...

Everything is now ready for this years vaccation, which is rather lucky as there is only five days to go, before we leave :-). Once more Tim and I will drive across USA, this time from Los Angeles to New York City with a few detours along the way.

Airplane tickets are ready, hotels are booked in most major cities, the car is rented, and we have booked a couple of tourist activities like bus and boat tours. Tim have booked a ticket for The musical. Les Miserable in NYC, and I have booked a ticket for the outdoor drama Tom Dooley, A Wilkes County Legend in Wilkesboro, North Carolina. Finally our ESTA applications have been approved, so we are just about ready to go.

This years route will take us from Los Angeles to Tucson, Arizona via Yuma. From Tucson we will continue to Carlsbad, New Mexico and from there to Dallas, Texas, Lafayette, Louisiana and Pine Bluff Arkansas. From Pine Bluff we will drive to Memphis, Tennessee and from there to Saint Louis, Missouri. Next stop will be in Tennessee once agaian, namely Knoxville and from there we will continue to Wilkesboro, NC, Williamsburg, Virginia and Washington DC. Now the tour approaces it's end, but we still have a few more things to see and places to visit. From DC, we will go to Philadelphia, Boston and we will complete the trip with a three day stay in New York City.

That is, this is our plan as it is today. Until now we have never followed our plans, and probably we won't this year either, but as we have booked more hotels in advance, it will probably be closer to plan this time.

The evening of the 4th of July will be spent in Lafayette, La, and hopefully there will be more celebrations there, than we have exprerinced the last couple of times.

But anyway, we are ready and counting the days until take-off.

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