Historic Stories

On my Danish pages I have for a long while time and again written short articles on historic events, some of which are not probable to enter the history books while others are already in them, but not in the form that I tell them. Some of them are legends, while other are true but they are all based on the fact, that some believe in them. And some are quite close to the truth. Decide for yourself which is which. Most of the stories are from the US, so you may be familiar with them if you live in USA, and if you are, just don't read them :-). I will make the stories available as I feel like it and can find the time.  New stories will be added on top of the list.

The Danish con man who became an American hero (new March 25th 2018)
Cousins by blood - enemis by inheritance
A most despicable man
The Ghost Train
Tsali - A Cherokee hero
The body that moved it self
A sad but true story
The pirate queens
Murderer and general
The sad fate of a young girl

The shipwreck that caused a civil war

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