Travel stories from USA

We (Dorte and I together) and lately Tim and I and I alone have visited the United States several times, and Dorte have been there twice with her father, in 1998 and again ten years later in 2008. I visited in the summer of 2010 with Tim while Dorte went to New York City with our daughter, Tina in October. Tim and I joined forces on another tour in the summer of 2012 and in 2013 I went with Tim as well as Tina in the summer, and in fall I went for a short trip on my very own. I have changed the order of the trips on this page, so the page are now shown in reverse chronological order, bringing the latest tour to the top.

How I plan a road trip

Click on the links on the years (bolded) to bring you to the trip from that particular year. And be warned, some of the things we find funny might be because we're European; nothing is meant to insult Americans, who we all are very fond of :-)

Spring 2022. My first visit in almost three years due to the covid-19 pandemic. This time I went back to my favorite area, Western North Carolina and spent the vacation in Ferguson, between Wilkersboro and Lenoir (New article 05-28-2023)

Summer 2019. Another "split-up" tour for Tim and I. We were together for the first week, split up for two weeks and then together again for te last few days. We visited Texas, Kentucky, North and South Carolina and Florida and made short stops in Louisisana, Oklahoma and Indiana. (Completed)

Spring 2019 was my first ever visit to USA in the springtime, and once again  I made western North Carolina my goal. During my visit I met with most of my friends there, and had a very good time. (Completed)

In 2018 Tim and I drove from Los Angeles to Miami with a few detours along the way to visit friends in Arizona, Texas, Louisiana, North Carolina and Florida.(Completed)

In the summer of 2017 I once more visited Western North Carolina to enjoy the history, the landscape, the nature and most of all the people of my favorite travel destination in USA. I was alone this time as Tim was visiting friends in Arizona. (Completed)

In 2016 I was once more on a US road trip with Tim. This time the trip took us from Virginia via a short detour to Ohio and on to Florida and back. Along the way we passed through or stayed in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Georgia, and North and South Carolina. A few states we visited twice, like Mississippi, Alabama, Virginia and West Virginia. (Completed)

In the fall of 2015 I once more made a trip to western North Carolina and eastern Tennessee. Fall colors, murders and ghosts was the theme of this trip, where I stayed at two Bed and Breakfasts in Ferguson and Lenoir. (Completed)

In 2015 Tim and I made our road trip in Denmark, but in spite of the header of this page, I'll tell about it anyway. (Completed)

In the summer of 2014, Tim and I makes our second "cross country" roadtrip, this time focusing on some larger cities, like Los Angeles, Saint Louis and New York City, just to mention a few. (Completed)

In the fall of 2013, I managed to arrange a short trip to North Carolina to watch the fall colors of The Appalachians. The trip took me to Banner Elk, Cherokee and Wilkesboro (and a lot of other places, where I did not stay overnight). (Completed)

In 2013 we only visited well-known places - at least well-known to Tim and I, as Tina, who joined us for this years trip never had been west before. Even so, we had experiences, that none of us had had before. (Completed)

The 2012 road trip took us (Tim and I) from "Twilight famous" Forks, Wa in the west to Jamaica, Ny in the east, and we also made stops in states like Montana, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas and Florida. (Completed)

The trip in 2010 took me and our son, Tim, to San Francisco, California, Las Vegas, Nevada), Grand Canyon, Arizona, and a lot of national parks among others: Saguaro and Petrified Forest in Arizona and Yellowstone NP in Wyoming. (Completed)

In 2008 Dorte and I decided to visit her fathers cousin in her home in Long Island, New York but it developed into a short trip through the New England states. We visited Boston, Massachucetts, Acadia National Park in Maine and some smaller places in Connecticut, New Hampshire and Vermont before ending our trip in New York City. (Completed)

In 2006 we decided to go west. Again it was a round trip, that took us from Seattle, Washington, down through Oregon and California to San Franscisco and Los Angeles. From there we went on to Las Vegas, Nevada, Grand Canyon, Arizona, Monument Valley, Arches National Park and Salt Lake City, Utah, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming and back to Seattle.  (Completed)

In 2004 we visited Dortes brother and his family in Vienna, Virginia, where they were stationed at the time. From there we took a trip to St. Louis, Missouri and again down to New Orleans, Louisiana and back to Vienna. (Completed)

The second trip took place in 2002, and we celebrated our 25th anniversary by taking a roundtrip from Washington DC to Gettysburg once again, and south through Kentucky and Tennessee to Natchez, Mississippi and New Orleans LA. From there we went to St. Augustine, Florida, once again north to Cherokee, North Carolina and on to Washington DC where the trip ended. For the last part of the trip from Florida to DC, we were accompanied by Dortes parents. (Completed)

On our first visit to the states together in 2000, we were joined by both our children, Dortes brother and sister in law, their children and their son in law and both of Dortes parents. This trip was a round trip from Knoxville, Tennessee, and it took us to Cherokee, North Carolina, Charleston , South Carolina, Washington DC, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania and back to Knoxville. (Completed)

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