Longest Bridges Trip - 2016

The reason for my header for this trip, is something that we didn't plan for, but discovered along the way. We would actually cross eight out the ten longest bridges in USA. Later changes of plans meant that we actually only crossed six of the ten, but it's still a lot of long bridges. The ones that we missed was #10, General W. K. Wilson bridge carrying I-65 across Mobile River, as we didn't get on I-65 at all. Also #9 Sunshine Skyway Bridge across Tampa Bay, as we didn't go to Tampa as planned, but stayed on I-75 around town. Two bridges we would not have crossed anyway, were #7, San Mateo-Hayward Bridge across San Francisco Bay and  # 2, Chesapeake Bay Bridge -Tunnel in Virginia. The ones we did cross were (not necessarily in that order) #8, Seven-Mile Bridge in Florida, #6, Jubilee Parkway in Alabama, #5, Bonnet Carre Spillway Bridge in Louisiana, #4, Atchafalaya Basin Bridge in Louisiana, #3, Manchak Swamp Bridge in Louisiana and finally #1, Lake Pontchartrain Causeway in Louisiana as well.

A nervous state of mind
Let it rain, rain, rain
Life beneath the surface
Two days and 58 miles of bridge
Swamping and shopping
Heading for Florida by pirate ship
To wrestle alligators
It's not always cold on the top
Meeting butteflies and colleagues.
Flying low
Look out for panthers
From Floria to a wild dog in South Carolina
Panning for gems
Back to the past
Buying a book
Eating, Dooley style
No more cinnamon rools
And that was that

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